I bet at some point you have worried about being a parent, responsible for another life.


So you google, “how to look after a baby” or “why won’t my toddler eat?”

And you delve into a whole host of websites

  • You look at the first website and find a range of information
  • You look at the next website and it provides even more information, some of it contradicting the previous site.
  • You change your search slightly to see what comes up next
  • Your webpage is now full of adverts of products you supposedly need because you have been searching about parenting
  • The ads take you away deep into the world wide web where you get lost for an hour or so
  • After what seems to only be 10 minutes you realise you have wasted a lot of your precious time and found no answers to your original question.

Then you realise you don’t actually have time for this, so you move on with your day, never actually getting the answer you were looking for.

I am here to provide you with all the information you need in one easily accessible collection.

Just Imagine…

Having time to relax in the evenings fully concentrating on a film or book without needing to worry about trying to find answers online.

Struggling to get your baby to latch and getting immediate support.

Having evidence based information you are craving right at your fingertips.

Supporting your little ones development with the tools and activity ideas right in front of you.

Joining in with classes at a time that suits you from the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to gain back time AND be supported?

What’s Included?

☀️ Sensory kit for your little one’s age and development stage sent to your door

☀️ Pamper kit for you sent to your door

☀️ Mental Health support for you and your family

☀️Feeding support resources

☀️ up to 2 hours of 1:1 support call time

☀️Information about key developmental milestones and activities to support these

☀️ PDF of home play ideas for your little one

☀️ Messy play ideas and recipes (6 months +)

☀️ Singalong to join in plus lyric and music downloads

☀️5 Story Sense classes (pre recorded) to join in with

☀️Access to other experts including singing group, first aid, baby massage, mum and baby yoga, skincare for you and your baby, children’s language classes and dance classes and family financial advice

☀️ Access to a Private Facebook Community with a theme each week and valuable weekly lives to provide more information on different areas of parenting and child development.

Need support for feeding your baby or toddler? No Problem!

Want ongoing support and information on a range of themes around parenting? That’s easy!

This is all included in the collections.

What to Expect

Book and Pay

The book now button below will take you through to the online collections where you can choose the appropriate age group for your little one. If they are half way through an age group, I would suggest purchasing the next one up.

Sensory Kit and Pamper Pack Delivered

The first module in the collection provides you with a space to add your address. Once completed, the sensory kit and pamper pack will be sent to your door for you to explore.

Ongoing support

Working through the collections you will have an abundance of resources to download and use. Joining the private Facebook community will see themes of the week, weekly lives and mental health topics discussed.

Pick Your Collection

Mumma & Newborn

(birth to 6 months)

£79.99 for access until your baby is 6 months old.

Mumma & Baby

(6 to 12 months)

£79.99 for access until your baby’s first birthday.

Mumma & Toddler

(12 months to 3 years)

£79.99 for 12 months access from sign up.

Hi, I’m Nikita

I’m here to support you through those first few years of parenting and save you time.

I am all about providing evidence based information straight to your finger tips so you can spend your time bonding and enjoying your little ones.

I’m a mum to two, experienced Primary School teacher, mental health first aider, breastfeeding peer supporter and baby and toddler development expert.

I can help you:

Have the time to bond and play with your little one whilst developing their key skills

Provide you with support at the touch of a button

…and so much more!

We received our sensory kit from @mummaandmedevon today! My little boy was so into everything, we filled a good hour playing with all the lovely things. Can’t wait to set up some activities for us to do! Thank you Nikita ❤️

Becky Jebb

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